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Elderly Care Services | Assisted Living Facilities Information

Assisted Living Facilities
When choosing an assisted living facility it is important that you receive unbiased advice as to what to look for. The elderly need an environment that encourages social interaction and quality care. Many assisted living facilities have a skeleton staff for care workers but list in the marketing material a number or ratio of workers that is not accurate. Be sure to check on the ratio of care workers to residents at any given time or your parents could be left day after day in very bad living conditions in what appears to be a nice well maintained facility.

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Fun activities at an Assisted Living Facility
When choosing an assisted living facility be sure to meet the person in charge of activities. I would also recommend watching them in action. The activities director should want to take great thought and care into the activities they pick for the residents. Having Bingo and Dominoes is great but planning something new and different keeps the environment fun and exciting for the elderly residents. Assisted Living Activities provide that social avenue that the elderly many times miss out on otherwise. Because this may be the only outlet for quality human interaction it’s important that this service is not neglected.

Meet the activities director and show up at some of the scheduled activities unannounced and see if the quality of activities is there or not. If the residents are neglected then it would be an easy decision to find another facility. Neglect is very common in these facilities because the elderly often times forget. It’s up to the kids to make sure they are choosing the right place.

Elderly Care Stress Counselor HOME

Have you ever heard of a qualification as an elderly care stress counselor? Some may recognize the last word counselor, but may not know the elderly care stress counselor.

Elderly care stress counselors are designed to understand the specific psychology of the elderly, reduce their stress, identify problems and symptoms that are occurring in mental areas, and provide appropriate support and support. Is a qualification that means a specialist. In today’s society, the elderly are increasing, and at home, in hospitals, welfare facilities and nursing homes, there is a need for elderly care stress counselors. Especially in the nursing care setting, as is the case with the elderly receiving care, the stress on the caregiver and the need to support mental parts are increasing.

Considering the fact that nursing care is tired and causes problems such as depression, mental illness, and suicide, the support provided by elderly care stress counselors is an important task that can also prevent many problems. As the need increases in various places in an aging society, it can be seen that the qualification of the elderly care stress counselor is a timely qualification that meets the needs of modern Japanese society.

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At present, there is no national qualification in Japan in a profession similar to counsellor or counselings. For this reason, it seems that staff at welfare facilities for the elderly and nursing homes generally perform and support such work. Psychiatric doctors often play this role. In such a situation, the elderly care stress counsellor becomes a private qualification certified by the Japan Vocational Skills Promotion Foundation. Interestingly, other qualifications recognised by the Japan Vocational Skills Promotion Association include youth care stress counsellors and corporate middle management care stress counsellors. Since the subjects of counselling are different from those of youth and managers, the content of the study and the exam are different.

Pressure ulcers and elderly people

Too often elderly people who are bedridden or use a wheelchair develop pressure ulcers. An area of skin breaks down when the individual stays in one position too long. The pressure against the skin reduces the blood supply and the tissue dies. This happens in nursing homes or care facilities that are neglecting or abusing their residents.

Do not know what to look for? A pressure ulcer begins with red skin, which forms a blister. It then becomes an open sore and ends as a crater. These usually form on an elbow, heel, back of the head, shoulders or hips.

If you see anything like this on your elderly parent or friend, contact a medical professional at once. An infection can spread to the rest of the body. Signs to look for are redness and tenderness around the ulcer; skin is warm, maybe swollen and finally a foul odor coming from the spot. If your parent or friend has a fever and seems to be confused, these, too, are signs that the infection may have spread.

If your loved one shows any of these signs, I urge you to contact an experienced Elder Abuse attorney immediately.

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Elder abuse is not a new thing

Even though elder abuse has been perpetrated for a very long time in this country, it did not get any attention until 1981. It was then that the Select Committee on Aging held hearings where elders reported their actual experiences. Statistics show that close to 2 million Americans are victims of elder abuse each year.

In Maricopa County, Arizona Adult Protective Services handles about 10,000 cases each year. The Mesa Police Department, working closely with Adult Protective Services and the Arizona Attorney General’s office, offers training on elder abuse. An elderly person does not always report an abuse. He or she is afraid of retaliation by the abuser. He or she is afraid of loneliness. Only one in every 14 cases is reported.

In many cases, the abuser is the adult child or the caregiver. I cannot stress this enough – if you know someone who is a victim of elder abuse, please report it and if you need help, please contact an experienced Elder Abuse attorney.

Effective way of removing dead skin cells

Do not say anything when the condition of the skin is dull, dark and shining. Piling the dead skin cells in the pores is the main trigger. For that, you need to exfoliate regularly.

Function, not only to clean but also merangssang growth of new skin cells. Exfoliate, as reported by the, also enhances the ability to absorb skin care products such as serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen you use, so it works more effectively.

To Exfoliate, there are three options exfoliator formula. In order to more effectively use, adjust the skin condition.


This scrub product containing small solid particles. Effective enough to remove dead skin cells on the surface. You can also use natural ingredients to be a scrub, such as sugar, coffee powder or salt. Very fitting for normal and oily skin.


Chemical exfoliator, containing alpha hydroxy acid, which is more effective than clean scrub off dead skin cells. Not only cleans the surface of the skin but also in deeper layers. Suitable for skin that tends to dry. Can tighten the skin and reduce fine lines.


This product relies on enzymes to remove dead skin cells. Find products that contain natural enzymes from papaya or pineapple. Very fitting for sensitive skin types.

How to take care of the elderly?


As people get old, they tend to become weak and require constant care. But above the constant care and attention, they would adore you if you show them your love and care. There is nothing better than spending some time with the elderly as it brightens up their day. The following are some of the ways in which you can take care of the elderly:

Regular exercises and diet:

Make sure that the elderly at your home get the right amount of exercise and diet at the right time. You can accompany them for morning or evening walks as it will not only make them feel energetic and active, but it will also provide you a chance to communicate with them and spend time with them.


It is very important to have insurance. As people get old, they tend to become weak and are prone to many diseases. You will have to take them to the hospital for a check-up and other things. Hospital bills can cost a lot of money if you don’t have proper insurance. Find out the right package which suits you the best and gets that insurance

Take them regularly to the doctor:

As we already know that older adults tend to fall sick often and thus they need to get their health tested often. You need to take them for regular health check-ups even if nothing is wrong. Also, please make sure that they take the right medicine every day. regular skin cancer checks are important to ensure any potential skin problems are detected and treated early.

Spend time with them:

If you really want to make the elderly at home happy you need to take some time apart from your busy schedule and spend some time with them. Talk to them about their childhood days and how things were back in the days. You will hear many exciting stories, and it will make your day.

Help them with their loneliness:

Most get busy with our lives and often forget about our old parents who are at home. They are done with their work and end up spending most of their time alone at home. Loneliness can make them feel quite insecure, and it will hurt them. So try to spend as much time as you can with the elderly at home.

Get a caretaker if necessary:

If you happen to have a hectic job and if you have someone at home who needs constant care you might want to consider getting a caretaker. Sometimes the elderly need constant care, and you will have to do everything for them. If you are in such a position and if you are unable to be with them all the time you can hire a caretaker and get their help. Home help can be arranged to help with cleaning, washing up, carpet cleaning and food preparation



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