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Effective way of removing dead skin cells

Do not say anything when the condition of the skin is dull, dark and shining. Piling the dead skin cells in the pores is the main trigger. For that, you need to exfoliate regularly.

Function, not only to clean but also merangssang growth of new skin cells. Exfoliate, as reported by the, also enhances the ability to absorb skin care products such as serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen you use, so it works more effectively.

To Exfoliate, there are three options exfoliator formula. In order to more effectively use, adjust the skin condition.


This scrub product containing small solid particles. Effective enough to remove dead skin cells on the surface. You can also use natural ingredients to be a scrub, such as sugar, coffee powder or salt. Very fitting for normal and oily skin.


Chemical exfoliator, containing alpha hydroxy acid, which is more effective than clean scrub off dead skin cells. Not only cleans the surface of the skin but also in deeper layers. Suitable for skin that tends to dry. Can tighten the skin and reduce fine lines.


This product relies on enzymes to remove dead skin cells. Find products that contain natural enzymes from papaya or pineapple. Very fitting for sensitive skin types.