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Elderly Care Services | Assisted Living Facilities Information

Assisted Living Facilities
When choosing an assisted living facility it is important that you receive unbiased advice as to what to look for. The elderly need an environment that encourages social interaction and quality care. Many assisted living facilities have a skeleton staff for care workers but list in the marketing material a number or ratio of workers that is not accurate. Be sure to check on the ratio of care workers to residents at any given time or your parents could be left day after day in very bad living conditions in what appears to be a nice well maintained facility.

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Fun activities at an Assisted Living Facility
When choosing an assisted living facility be sure to meet the person in charge of activities. I would also recommend watching them in action. The activities director should want to take great thought and care into the activities they pick for the residents. Having Bingo and Dominoes is great but planning something new and different keeps the environment fun and exciting for the elderly residents. Assisted Living Activities provide that social avenue that the elderly many times miss out on otherwise. Because this may be the only outlet for quality human interaction it’s important that this service is not neglected.

Meet the activities director and show up at some of the scheduled activities unannounced and see if the quality of activities is there or not. If the residents are neglected then it would be an easy decision to find another facility. Neglect is very common in these facilities because the elderly often times forget. It’s up to the kids to make sure they are choosing the right place.