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Elderly Care Stress Counselor HOME

Have you ever heard of a qualification as an elderly care stress counselor? Some may recognize the last word counselor, but may not know the elderly care stress counselor.

Elderly care stress counselors are designed to understand the specific psychology of the elderly, reduce their stress, identify problems and symptoms that are occurring in mental areas, and provide appropriate support and support. Is a qualification that means a specialist. In today’s society, the elderly are increasing, and at home, in hospitals, welfare facilities and nursing homes, there is a need for elderly care stress counselors. Especially in the nursing care setting, as is the case with the elderly receiving care, the stress on the caregiver and the need to support mental parts are increasing.

Considering the fact that nursing care is tired and causes problems such as depression, mental illness, and suicide, the support provided by elderly care stress counselors is an important task that can also prevent many problems. As the need increases in various places in an aging society, it can be seen that the qualification of the elderly care stress counselor is a timely qualification that meets the needs of modern Japanese society.

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At present, there is no national qualification in Japan in a profession similar to counsellor or counselings. For this reason, it seems that staff at welfare facilities for the elderly and nursing homes generally perform and support such work. Psychiatric doctors often play this role. In such a situation, the elderly care stress counsellor becomes a private qualification certified by the Japan Vocational Skills Promotion Foundation. Interestingly, other qualifications recognised by the Japan Vocational Skills Promotion Association include youth care stress counsellors and corporate middle management care stress counsellors. Since the subjects of counselling are different from those of youth and managers, the content of the study and the exam are different.